Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

> Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: ''I want to be part of the talent group of Variance! How/Where do I apply? Where do I submit my Application?''
A: Variance is currently CLOSED for Talent Applications. Please stay tuned for future auditions. For the latest news, check our Official social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram) @Variance_Pro


Q: ''How many days a week should your Talents stream?''

A: Variance Project members are looking into atleast 2-3 days a week (flexible hours), but depending on our future off-stream projects, schedules and collaborations, we will be taking streaming days into consideration (Possible switching or shortening schedules. Existing Variance members may stream more than the given time frame.

We are very mindful and accommodating in giving our Talents breaks, physical and mental health breaks whenever needed.


Q: ''How will the Talent schedules be managed?''
A: Our Talent Managers will be helping our Talents schedule their streaming. To keep in mind is that Variance provides flexible streaming schedules.. We only set required streaming days/hours, but no strict schedules. Variance Project's Talent/Members set schedules will also depend on the Company's plans. (eg: if there is an upcoming group project, streaming collaborations, event & similar activities).


Q: ''Are your talents paid?''
A: YES. Our talent does not and will not only generate revenue from streaming alone but also; There will be more paid projects opportunities, collaborations, events and sponsorships to come!


Q: ''Is there a contract for your Talents? How long is the contract?''

A: YES. The contract will be explained thoroughly only to applicants who have advanced to our final round of interview. They will be given sufficient time to think before joining. Likewise, we will be considering the posibilities duration-wise, and the length of the contract will depend on the information an applicant has filled in, so we urge you to be specific as possible in the audition forms to avoid future problems.

Normally, the contract is approx. 1 year, composed of continuous group acitivies and individual talent projects. We are also open to the option of renewing contracts if the talents so desired.


Q: ''What does Variance provide current Talents?''

A: First and foremost, Variance Project provides talents with transparency; Clarity of the Company's goals, intent, revenue, workload designation, roles and responsibilities in the group that they will partake in the duration of their contract, as they are directly involved including but not limited to the aforementioned activities.

Aside from audience reach (minimal; note that Variance Project is NOT a big corporation and we do not promise fame.) and revenue, Variance Project provides talents with music, a cohesive yet vast universe with many possibilities and story / lore development opportunities.

Overseen by our Founders, Executives and Talent Managers, they help in arranging plans, streaming-scheduling and project-directing activities for Variance Project, and are involved in assisting the talents in production of music-related activities, including but not limited to Creative Projects such as: 

  • Original Song(s) & more Music-related Projects.
  • Webcomics, Literary writing, Web Novels (Lore & Stories).
  • Music Video Production(s) & Animation(s).
  • Illustration(s) & similar creative piece(s).
  • They are also responsible for getting in touch with partner deals and sponsorships for the talents.
  • Freedom in content creation and expression.
  • A Live2D model. Creating a new Live2D model. The new Live2D model would only be usable in Variance Project. After the minimum requirements of the contract duration, the Vtuber is able to purchase the new / upgraded Live2D model for a fair price. After that, the Vtuber is the sole owner of the new Live2D model.                   
Most of Variance Project's Founders and Executives are responsible for setting up and designing graphic layouts, arrangements of our public materials, Variance's Official social media handling, and construction our website.
We are also in touch with our fellow freelancers providing and helping us with many subjects. We also strive to help more local/indie artists and graphic designers by supporting them through availing their Commision Services for the provision of our Illustrations and Graphic Assets.
With Variance Project's help, we prodive talents with learning assistance to further their art, music, streaming career & more in the form of teaching (educational (E)classes for creative studies in the multimedia field, given by local & experienced people), and providing technological assistance (hardware/software upgrades, content materials in the future.) if needed. We are also transparent if we cannot shoulder a specific project funding at a given time or not.

Likewise, Variance aims and is willing to provide more assistance to benefit our talents in the future.


Q: ''Do you control your Talents social media?''

A: NO. Only our respective talents have full control on their social accounts. If the talents desire to have support with social media, that is also possible.


Q: ''Is there a non-disclosure agreement for your talents?''

A: YES. Non-disclosure agreements are an important legal framework used to protect sensitive and confidential information from being made available by the recipient of that information. Companies and startups use these documents to ensure that their good ideas won't be stolen by people they are negotiating with etc. 

We also protect all provided personal information from our Talents we might come across or need for a purpose. A non-disclosure agreements benifits also the Talents.


Q: ''Is there a non-disclosure RULE for your talents about their IRL selves/who they talk to?''

A: YES. We strive to make the working environment of our Talents to be safe and fun as possible. Even thought most of the people ''behave'' themselves, some might have harmfull intentions IRL or online. Hiding our Talents who they are IRL prevents: Stalking (Talents, family, friends), visiting (Their house / workplace / neightbourhood), IRL and online bullying (E.g. about their IRL appearences or other), and other harmfull intended actions.

Talking localy with close friends or family members about your VTubing career should be fine, but our Talents should be aware of the negative outcomes that might come across when revealing themselves publicly. 


Q: ''Will having a social media page prior to the auditions give me better chances at getting chosen in Variance's Talent Auditions?''
A: Yes and no. Any existing social media presence you have online in the form of a portfolio or social account(s) (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/YouTube/Twitch) may give you the advantage of being chosen, but this will depend on the skill(s) you present, and if you fit the criteria Variance is currently looking for. (We don't care about numbers- we will most likely choose talents who can offer a variety of work, codiality, a strong work ehtic and unique skillsets rather than someone who only has big numbers in following.)


Variance = The term variance refers to a statistical measurement of the spread between numbers in a data set. More specifically, variance measures how far each number in the set is from the mean (average), and thus from every other
number in the set.
Project = A project created by enthusiastic and driven people who want to take vtubing to a new level.


In a nutshell, Variance's name is about breaking out of the ordinary what is seen as the ''average'' in the industry. The ''X'' logo's meaning is also designed that way, depicted as the two stars shooting out of the ordinary through the average line. In short, Variance is about taking the creative nature of the VTubing scene to newer heights.


NO. Aside from the Dutch Founders, Variance also has international members and affiliates! We also aim to expand to more languages in the future.


You can email the agency for inquiries using this email address: 

[email protected]


Moreover, other time-sensitive updates may be also posted across Variance’s social media pages, so stay tuned!


Yes. Here is the link


Our press kit not only includes full media assets of Variance Project’s world characters, factions, and other related artworks; but also includes a rundown of the agency’s vision and mission as part of the VTubing community. Moreover, the presskit documents our aspirations for a true worldbuilding experience our Talents may get immersed into once they become part not just of the agency but the overall lore and storyline.


Introducing factions to the VTuber industry enhances content creator engagement by giving audiences a team to rally behind. 


Much like how sports teams’ factions work, fans can connect on a deeper level, supporting their favorite VTubers within these distinct groups. This in turn sparks healthy competition, fosters personal connections with fans, and creates ongoing excitement through epic faction-based events. 


In essence, factions transform passive viewers into active participants, making the VTuber experience more dynamic and immersive.


Vtubers and story characters inhabit the same virtual universe, but their roles distinguish them in this shared realm. Vtubers take on the persona of streamers, engaging with their audience in real-time and breaking down the barriers between the virtual and the actual. Interestingly, within this world, there's a potential for interaction between Vtubers and story characters, adding an extra layer of narrative possibilities.


In this expansive virtual landscape, story characters serve as the protagonists of their own tales, contributing to a grand narrative akin to a novel or an anime series. Each significant story character brings a unique story arc, weaving into the broader tapestry of the world they exist in. Vtubers, in contrast, act as dynamic entertainers, sharing their own stories while navigating the interactive landscape of live streams and content creation.


In essence, it's a convergence of storytelling mediums. Vtubers embody the lively, real-time aspect, while story characters contribute to the overarching narrative, creating a rich and multifaceted virtual experience.

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Explore the world of Variance

Follow us on our socials to stay connected and find out about the latest news.

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